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Vow Renewal

Maybe its been one year or maybe it has been 10 years since you first said 'I do' but the love is stronger than ever and you want to celebrate this! What better way to do that than with a Vow Renewal Ceremony. It might be a small intimate ceremony where its just the two of you or it might be a chance to invite all your friends and family and have a mega party! Whatever way you want to do it I have lots of ideas to make it memorable and meaningful. 

The Couples

When a couple choose to renew their vows they might choose to do things quite differently to their actual wedding day. They might now have children and wish to include them in the ceremony in a very meaningful way.


Many couples opt for a more intimate and informal gathering and love that they have the freedom to do things their way. 

Vow Renewal ceremony with Doolin Celebrant Fiona Whelton


Handfasting ceremony with Doolin Celebrant Fiona Whelton

Celtic Hand Tying

Celtic Hand Tying also known as Hand Fasting is an ancient tradition in matrimony and where we get the term 'tying the knot.' It is a lovely part of both the Wedding Ceremony and Vow Renewal where the couple may use different coloured ribbons to symbolise their marriage; red for passion, green for growth, gold for prosperity etc.

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