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Cacao Ceremony

A really special enhancement I offer for Wedding and Vow Renewals is to include the sharing of Ceremonial grade Cacao by the couple. Cacao was used in ancient times by the Olmec and Mayan people of Central and South America. It was highly prized and was used in ceremony extensively including in ceremonies of Matrimony. I source the Cacao from a small company in Guatemala called Cacao Source. They do a lot of great work in small communities and help provide much needed income to the growers and producers while also preserving this wondrous plant medicine. 

Cacao Ceremonies with Doolin Celebrant Fiona Whelton

The creation of the Cacao drink is where the magic begins. Before the ceremony I meet with the couple to make the Cacao. They will chop the cacao, blend it with hot water to the right consistency and then add their favoured spices. Each step of the way I encourage them to focus on their hopes and dreams for their marriage and to ask the Cacao to 'bless' their marriage. A final taste and then into a flask it goes until later in the day when they will open it as part of their ceremony and share that heart opening elixir. Some might say a few words to each other before drinking, some interlock hands as they drink and some choose to share it with their guests. Sharing with guests is a beautiful way for the couple to really connect with the love in the room on an even deeper level and gives the guests a feeling of being a very important part of the's just beautiful!

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