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Healing Fire Ceremony

I recently had the absolute privilege of holding a Healing Fire Ceremony for a beautiful couple from the USA. Let me tell you all about it...

When I spoke to them initially they wanted to come to Ireland and specifically, The Cliffs of Moher, for a Vow Renewal but as I got to know them better it became obvious that they needed something more than simply a Vow Renewal. From chatting to them I felt that some kind of Healing Ceremony was necessary before the Vow Renewal. It became clear to me that they needed to release past traumas and hurts and start their relationship anew. I floated the idea of a Healing Fire Ceremony, where they both burn pieces of paper representing that which they wish to release from their lives and...they loved the idea!

At this point let me say that I have no background or training in counselling or Psychotherapy and I have the utmost respect for what therapists and counsellors do. I am in no way trying to diminish or replace these disciplines. What I have is Shamanic Practitioner training, Yoga and Mindfulness training and instead of looking at what I do as 'Alternative therapy' I much prefer 'Complementary therapy'. I firmly believe that there is a place for both, in fact a necessity for both to co-exist in modern times and its a beautiful thing to find a therapist who is not alone interested but supportive in something like this.

I digress, back to the ceremony. In a secluded woodland area we began by cleansing the couple's hands with waters from the sacred well of the ancient goddess Brigid. Brigid represents heaIing, wisdom and growth. She is also the ancient Keeper of the Flame, the goddess of fire. I sprinkled the water over their hands using a twig from the native Irish Hawthorn tree, the heart tree. The water represented the Sacred Feminine.

Next I invited them to take a piece of paper and pencil and write down anything that they wished to release from their life, anything that did not bring them joy and anything that did not nourish or nurture their soul. When they were finished I asked them to fold up the piece of paper, gently blow their intentions into the paper and then toss the paper into the sacred flames. The fire represented the Sacred Masculine.

Sacred Masculine and Sacred Feminine unite. Fire and Water. Both will create something entirely new.

As we watched the papers burn to ashes, I said the following words in Gaeilge, 'Sin e, Sin a bhfuil.'

'That is it. It is done.'

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