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  • Wedding Ceremony - When two people come together to publicly declare their commitment and love for each other 

  • Vow Renewal - Maybe it has been a year, maybe it has been 10 years since you first said I do. Let's mark the occasion with a beautiful Vow Renewal Ceremony where you can re-affirm your commitment to each other. 

  • Baby Naming - Many people are non-religious but still want to mark the occasion of naming their baby in a meaningful way. Naming ceremonies are a really beautiful family oriented occasion. There is usually lots of involvement from grandparents, aunties and uncles with everyone having a special role and instead of godparents we have guide parents.   

  • Milestone Ceremony - Parents and guardians are increasingly looking for an alternative to the religious ceremonies of First Holy Communion and Confirmation. A Milestone Ceremony is a perfect way for the family to celebrate this special time in a child's life and most importantly gives the child the opportunity to help plan their ceremony and make it unique to them.

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