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Milestone Ceremonies

Many people are looking for a non-denomination alternative to traditional coming of age ceremonies such as First Holy Communion and Confirmation. A Milestone Ceremony is a beautiful way to celebrate your child or teenager and mark their aspirations and dreams in a truly meaningful and memorable way. The fact that the child has a big input into the ceremony makes it all the more special. It really is a celebration of the remarkable people they are becoming. 

Image by Melissa Askew

A Coming of Age or Milestone Ceremony is a a really special ceremony that typically happens in a child's life at age 12/13. However it can also happen at age 7/8 as an alternative to First Holy Communion. 


Milestone Ceremonies typically are a celebration of the child's life, their hopes and aspirations for the future and a beautiful opportunity for their family and friends to gather in their honour. The ceremony is very much about the child and so they will have lots of input into how they would like it to run. Some lovely enhancements I have used are wish trees, tree planting, and a time capsule to be opened on the child's 18th birthday. 

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